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Franchise opportunity The Netherlands

Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest networks of retail centers offering logistic, communication and business support services to business and private customers. Operating in the Business Services Industry, MBE provides value by helping people and businesses – more precisely small- and medium-sized enterprises – to improve productivity by outsourcing to MBE the business-related requirements and processes which do not correspond to customers’ core business activities.

The combination of multiple MBE services (e.g. shipping, printing, mailings logistics, etc.) at one location gives customers a unique, one-stop solution to bundle their personal or business needs with one reliable partner. By doing so, customers link their lives or businesses with MBE; and MBE franchisees link the value of their business to their customers – a formula of mutual dependence to drive higher satisfaction, performance, and benefits for everyone.

Mail Boxes Etc. has approximately 1.600 retail service locations globally. The company develops its network of business service centers on a country-by-country basis through master license agreements with local partners.

Recently Mail Boxes Etc. acquired a Master-Franchisor for the Netherlands. If you’re interested in opening your own MBE shop somewhere in The Netherlands you can contact:

Franchising Etc. / FranchiseFormules.NL
Mr. Jan-Piet Broersma


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